When you’re ready to find infant physical therapy, it’s time to contact Baby Begin. We are happy to provide your baby with the very best pediatric therapy, to help correct plagiocephaly and treat torticollis effectively. Contact Baby Begin to begin infant physical therapy and set your baby on the path to a better future.

Remember, it is critical that you act on your concerns right away, because early intervention is the key to preventing or correcting plagiocephaly. Please feel free to contact Baby Begin with questions, concerns or anything else related to plagiocephaly (flat head) or torticollis (tight neck). Our therapists are knowledgeable and professional, well trained in pediatric occupational therapy, and we’d be happy to assist you.

To contact Baby Begin for speaking engagements, in-services, consultations and other services offered, including infant physical therapy, please reach out to Jennifer directly at:

By Phone: 972-800-8976

By Email: jennifer@babybegin.net

Or schedule an appointment for your baby here.