At Baby Begin, we’re dedicated to helping babies and their families thrive, free from plagiocephaly and torticollis. Since the success of the “Back to Sleep” initiative, there’s been an increase in the numbers of babies with flat head syndrome, but the pediatric physical therapists at Baby Begin work with babies and parents, teaching safe and effective repositioning strategies and offering occupational and physical therapy. Since 2008, we’ve worked with more than 1500 babies, helping them to achieve beautiful, healthy head shapes without having to resort to use of a helmet. Because of this, we have hundreds of testimonials from happy parents with healthy, happy babies, praising Baby Begin and our therapists for helping their little ones overcome plagiocephaly and torticollis. Here, we offer a sampling of these testimonials, to help you understand what the experience with Baby Begin has been like for other families. When you’re ready to see what we can do for your baby, fill out a referral form on our website, or call us for a consultation.

I’m grateful for all I’ve learned about this common condition, and I already know what I’ll do differently next time. 🙂

Christian did not have helmet before or after treatment. He is doing great and pediatrician was very pleased with results after treatment. She said he no longer had torticollis and his head shape was fine. Thank you for your help Jennifer! You not only helped Christian but you helped open my eyes to so many things that has made me a better mom and made the infant experience a real joy. You are priceless! Best of luck to you.

We loved Baby Begin, and we refer you anytime we get a chance!

Hello Jennifer,
No, Ayden did not have to wear a helmet. Thanks to all of your help, he has a perfectly round head!!! I think about you from time to time and greatly appreciate your passion for what you do. Ayden is one active and talkative little guy. I have my hands full.
Hope you are doing well!
Thanks again.

Hi! He never had to wear a helmet(before or after). His head and neck look great- y’all were awesome!

Ebbrick is now 15 months old. We elected to do a helmet from Cranial Technologies in Dallas to correct the asymmetry. We decided to do the helmet after only 2-3 visits with Baby Begin for no other reason that the window of opportunity for a shorter correction period was closing in on us. We are thrilled with the results but believe that working with a knowledgeable and professional service like Baby Begin from birth or at the first sign of torticollis or asymmetry, the need for cranial helmets would become unnecessary in most cases.

My youngest child did not end up needing a band. I worked with you through email only as we were able to correct any issues on our own. He now has a perfectly shaped head. :))

No thankfully Hadley DID NOT require a helmet after working with Jennifer!! Those visits were invaluable and provided SO much help!! Baby Begin made all the difference!! :)) She is just now starting to walk and has a beautifully shaped head. ;)) Thank you SOOO much Jennifer!!!!!! :)))

Hi Jennifer! You helped correct multiple issues Garrett presented when he was just a few months old. He never had to wear a helmet and has a lovely even round head!!!! We will always be thankful for your help.

Hello hope you are doing well. No we didn’t end up getting a helmet for Greer. We are so happy that we did therapy with you and went with our gut instinct. Her head looks great! Maybe a little small flat section but only I notice it.
Hope you and your business is doing well. I think the light bulb went off for me when I realized no one at the helmet place was a doctor.

Nice to hear from you. We are completely satisfied with your service and we were amazed at the results with the tips you gave us for our son Alexander. It took a few months for his head to round out but it finally did after much persistence. We are very happy with the results and I believe that you played a big role in avoiding a helmet for him. We were very relieved!

Sam did not end up wearing a helmet or band after working with you. His dr. was very pleased with the shape and we were too! Thank you for all of your help. He now is 14 months old and sleeps on both sides of his head.

Zoey is a healthy, sassy, 3 year old now! She did not end up needing a helmet. We worked with you to try and prevent needing one, and the techniques you showed us allowed us to correct her head naturally. So thank you very much!! If you ever need a reference please don’t hesitate to let us know.

No helmet
– you were the first person we went to after pediatrician reference. I am still very thankful that you were able to make, what seems to be, small changes but it will have huge impact in her life. Thank you again Jennifer!

Colton is 13 months old now and thankfully has never needed a helmet! After therapy we were able to continue with daily stretching and everything went back to normal! We are so thankful our doctor (dr Amy Hayes) caught it and intervened through y’all very early on!!

ur daughter Evelyn has never worn a helmet. Jennifer worked with us until she was about 5 months old (I think?) and she has been wonderful ever since then. Let me know if you need any additional information.

John is doing great! Sleeping well, crawling all over, cruising on ALL of our furniture, eating like a grown man…and a happy happy boy! We so appreciated all of the help Jennifer gave us during those early months to strengthen John’s neck and avoid a helmet.

No helmet or band was necessary. The Physical therapy intervention was sufficient to prevent that. The therapist worked with our daycare caregivers and trained them on how to do the exercise. Worked perfectly!

Our experience with baby begin was wonderful. Parker enjoyed working with his therapist, Jennifer, (most of the time) and thanks to her work and the stretches, exercises and tips she taught me to use, Parker avoided the necessity of any head gear. We would recommend Jennifer and baby begin to anyone looking for extensive knowledge and excellent service provided with patience, fun, and love for their little one.

Hi, sure I would love to give an update on Audrey. She is now 3 years old and doing wonderfully. She did not end up wearing a helmet or band after Baby Begin worked with us.
She also never wore a helmet or band before you worked with us. The right side of her head still has a very slight flatness to it but you would never know. She has a full head of curls now. She has not had any neck issues either since.

We had a second baby who is 26 months younger than Audrey, a girl named Britton, and I was more conscientious about doing neck stretching (same exercises that I learned from you all) and rotating her head while in baby seats and her head is perfectly round – she is now 20 months and all over the place.

No helmet needed! Thanks for all the help Ellen provided to Finley. His torticollis is gone. He only favors that side when he falls asleep in the car. And his head rounded out thanks to the awesome positioning advice using the swaddle.

We didn’t have to use a helmet before or after you. His doctor said his head is perfectly shaped!
Thanks so much for your help,
Kristina Knous

Jennifer – Please see my responses below. Hawk is doing great and his head is perfect. Can’t thank you enough.

Nice to hear from you. We are completely satisfied with your service and we were amazed at the results with the tips you gave us for our son Alexander. It took a few months for his head to round out but it finally did after much persistence. We are very happy with the results and I believe that you played a big role in avoiding a helmet for him. We were very relieved!
Thank you again for your help.

Sydney ended up wearing a DOC band for three months after we finished therapy. We used Cranial Technologies.However, thanks to our experience with her and your help in educating us, we recently had identical twin girls (they’re 5.5 months) and the doctors say their heads are beautifully shaped and no helmets will be needed! I think a large part of the reason is because we were aware and made sure they didn’t favor one side or the other when sleeping on their backs. I’ve attached a few pics of Sydney and her sisters – Piper & Quinn. 🙂

Yes, Sebastian wore a helmet for 8 weeks from Cranial Technologies. We went to see them maybe 2 months into working with Jennifer. His last visits with Jennifer are when he began using the helmet. His torticollis was remarkably better and his plagiocephaly was better because of the therapy with Jennifer, but the flatness was still notable. We took him to Cranial Tech at 6 months old.

Our babies never wore a helmet. We took them to Cranial Tech and they recommended helmets but we got a 2nd opinion at Children’s craniofacial clinic and they said the girls didn’t need them – especially since their head shapes improved so much on their own the 4 weeks between the appointments. It seems that once they girls started sitting up, it worked itself out!