Positioning for Plagiocephaly and a Good Night’s Sleep

Positioning for Plagiocephaly and a Good Night’s Sleep

Many parents are concerned about plagiocephaly and seek therapy to help bring their babies’ heads back to a healthy, rounded shape. Therapy is a great option that is extremely helpful, but did you know there are some things you can do at home to help your baby maintain a healthy head shape? One of the most effective methods of combating plagiocephaly is through proper positioning of the baby, especially at bedtime.

  • Even if you have concerns about a flat spot, back is still best. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends putting healthy babies to sleep on their backs, in order to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Sleeping on his or her back gives your baby more oxygen than he or she would get lying on the stomach, and babies who have trouble rousing themselves from sleep are safer on their backs.
  • Repositioning your baby can keep him or her from developing plagiocephaly. Alternate the direction in which you place the baby in the crib, sometimes putting the head at one end and sometimes at the other. You can also move the furniture in the nursery, to encourage your baby to look in a different direction.
  • A good swaddler can help you to position your baby. It’s important to keep extraneous bedding out of the crib, to avoid SIDS. Babies often sleep more soundly, however, when they’re swaddled. Swaddlers and sleep sacks are great ways to get a snug swaddle, which allows for easier repositioning.
  • Alternate back time with plenty of supervised tummy time. The secret to a healthy baby is the same as any other healthy person: balance. While the back is the best for sleeping, time spent on the tummy is extremely important. Not only does it help to prevent plagiocephaly, but it also gets them ready for upcoming milestones, like rolling over and crawling.

Sometimes, parents need help preventing or treating plagiocephaly. At Baby Begin, we are committed to helping babies get a healthy start in life, with supple necks and beautifully rounded heads. Working with babies and their parents at home where the little ones are most comfortable, we provide therapy and education to help babies thrive. For information about Baby Begin, please visit our website or any of our social pages, including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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